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Discover FLEXEO at ARM Technology Symposia

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Le Creusot, November 26th,  2013

ARM Technology Symposia - Thursday, December 12, 2013

BSE Electronic presents its FLEXEO services offer.

Meet our team us on our partner Silica’s booth at CAP15, Quai de Grenelle in Paris.

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For this technological symposium, BSE Electronic is pleased to unveil its new FLEXEO offer. For further information, do not hesitate to send us a request.


About BSE Electronic

BSE Electronic was founded in 1987 in Le Creusot (France, 71). BSE Electronic offers its customers comprehensive solutions for design and manufacturing of cards and electronic equipment.

To support its customers in the race for success, BSE Electronic cultivates two fundamental principles: Excellence and Innovation.

• Excellence: the level of product quality, relationships with its ecosystem, technological choices and processes.

• Innovation: because this is a topic at the heart of the concerns of their clients, BSE Electronic engineers are constantly developing their mastery of technology: embedded systems, real-time systems, ultra low power, touch interface, wireless technologies etc.

BSE Electronic serves many sectors of the economy, including the most demanding, such as medical, energy, security, telecommunications, etc.

For more information on BSE Electronic, visit our website: www.bse-electronic.com