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Building Success Together

A comprehensive range of flexible services

From preliminay  study up to after-sales service, going through the phases of production and integration, BSE Electronic adapts to their clients requirements.


Responsiveness and agility in manufacturing

BSE Electronic is able to industrialize short series in a few weeks.

Deliver the first prototypes to the customer in a few days is a challenge that BSE Electronic reports regularly.

Clients highlight BSE Electronic capabilities of reactivity:

• At sales level, as at Research & Development department level, teams are tailored to meet client’s planning constraints. Our methodology allows rapid prototyping. Then our customer is able to quickly validate technological choices and product overall architecture.

• Regarding Sourcing & Purchasing, BSE Electronic developped partnerships with suppliers to ensure high level of components availability.

• In terms of production BSE Electronic affects the tools according to the actual need of the customer. Again, whether of its own means of production and those of its partners, BSE Electronic is able to meet all kinds of needs from small volumes to large series.

Last but not least BSE Electronic information system is a valuable asset in the implementation of these aspects. It plays a major role throughout the production cycle up to logistics processes: storage, delivery, tracking and so on.