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Building Success Together


BSE Electronic is focused on the future. Our common future: our clients and us. From strategic analysis, we identified the key success factors fobse-electronic-marc-balussaudr a bright future:

  • Excellence creates value for our customers, at or beyond their expectations.
  • Innovation is the guarantor of our common success in a rapidly changing technological environment.
  • Reactivity is one of the major criteria for choosing a partner in a global economy where change is permanently installed.
  • Agility is a must to answer new challenges

The ambition BSE Electronic is strongly linked to our clients ‘ambition. We reflected this philosophy in our tagline: “Building Success Together“.


For several years, BSE Electronic has invested heavily in its production and R & D organization and processes. The recent investment in a fully automated production line, supported by the existing shareholders of the company allied to the French FSI, is part of the Strategic Plan of the company; CAP 2020.

CAP 2020, the strategic plan, is built on 4 pilars:

  • Pilar #1:  our Clients
  • Pilar #2:  Research & Development capabilities
  • Pilar #3:  Sourcing & Purchasing 
  • Pilar #4:  Manufacturing quality

CAP 2020 will develop over the coming years to support the company growth: growth based on the trust relationship we build with our customers and partners.

bse electronic equipePascal Burdillat, Manufacturing
Sébastien Pandolfo,
Sylvie Viricel,
Marketing & Sales
Marc Balussaud,
Vincent Prost
Louis Convert,
Research & Development
Pascale Cottin,
Human Resources
Louis Vieu,
David Jacquemard,