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Building Success Together

BSE Electronic, Electronic Manufacturing Services

Provider of global electronic solutions, BSE Electronic offers its customers a complete range of services:

Production Services

R & D Department: design and complete systems studies

Testing & Pre-certification

Purchasing & Supply: choice and qualification of components and suppliers

Logistics: Storage and shipping

After-sales service: maintenance and repair

Mastering advanced technologies

BSE Electronic is committed to its customers in the race for success: “Building Success Together.”

BSE Electronic contros a wide range of technologies, both in terms of its research as its production department: telecommunication (radio protocols, antennas etc.), embedded systems, “ultra low power” (very low consumption), tactile interfaces, real-time systems … are examples of mastered technologies, endorsed by their clients.

Varied and demanding business areas

With its comprehensive offering and mastery of innovative technologies, Electronic BSE has references in many areas of activity, amongst the most demanding:

Medical (BSE Electronic is ISO 13485)

“Industrial Automation”


Machine-to-machine (Internet of Things)



Security and access control

Excellence and Innovation, core values ​​of BSE Electronic

Beyond its skills and its range of services, BSE Electronic relies on these two core values ​​to support its customers in the race for success :


Because BSE Electronic remains a strategic partner for its customers, they base their approach on EXCELLENCE.

Reactivity: pre-sales, upfront studies, supply and industrialization, on-time delivery

Total quality: the quality is managed from product design to final testing, with no compromise

Proximity: For each project, a team is identified with a project manager, a design engineer, a quality engineer and a sales manager. They are part of the project throughout its life cycle and responsible for the overall customer satisfaction.


BSE Electronic customers face product life cycles that shorten, an intensifying competition and erosion of profit margins. INNOVATION is a key success factor for them.

At BSE Electronic, to accompany clients on the path of INNOVATION means:

• continuously improve the level of knowledge of employees: ultra low power, radio transmissions and communications of all types, real-time and embedded systems, tactile interfaces … BSE Electronic engineers have several decades of experience in these areas. They regularly train with experts. These investments secure customers innovative products design and development.

• Participate in ambitious research projects: BSE Electronic is a member of several consortia of European projects, such as FallWatch and TEMPSOR in the medical field.

• BSE Electronic is part of the innovation ecosystem: we obtained the French approval for “Crédit Impôt Recherche” for three years. This enables customers to benefit from Research Tax Credit benefits and minimize investment in upstream phases.

Let’s build your future success!