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‘Made in Europe’, a historical reality for BSE Electronic

BSE Electronic is located in an area with a strong industrial tradition.

BSE-Electronic-made-in-franceBurgundy, center of France and Europe, approximately accounts 20,000 industrial facilities representing more than 150 000 jobs (source INSEE 2011). This industrial tradition dating back to the nineteenth century, in particular the industrial complex Creusot, family business remained for one hundred twenty-four years in the hands of Schneider.

Today, the industrial activity in the region is focused on the production of intermediate goods. It represents nearly two-thirds of the production of 1400 industrial establishments (3.7% of the national production).

BSE Electronic has always been deeply rooted in the region’s industrial ecosystem, in which it identifies and retains its employees.

This local industrial tradition and the current dynamism of the region in economic terms, are for BSE Electronic, ensuring the availability of resources to develop its capacity for innovation.

Production in Europe

Beyond its historical and regional roots, BSE Electronic, in constant search of excellence, emphasizes the ability to produce in France. In practice, this means the implementation of advanced and automated production processes. They are deployed by specialized and highly skilled workforce to offer the ability to customize products to answer market expectations.

The results in terms of flexibility and quality of the finished products, which includes excellence in terms of services – training, logistics, after-sales – ensure the efficiency of the project for the client.

In recent years, BSE Electronic has been attending repatriation of displaced productions. Key factors include the return of responsiveness, quality and … the overall project costs.