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Building Success Together

Electronics, an ever-changing environment

In electronic subcontracting, market needs have changed considerably over the recent years. The products have become more complex, life cycles have shortened and the need has shifted from manufacturing to design.

To respond more quickly and optimally to the constant demand for innovation market, BSE Electronic has developed strong technology skills at the team of Research & Development.

These skills represent dozens of man-years of expertise on innovative topics:

Human-machine interfaces such as touch screens for automation applications

Real-time Applications

• Control of telecommunications protocols, especially radio protocols (wireless), used both in telecoms in the M2M *

 ”Ultra low power” technologies, precious in many sectors, including Medical business where BSE Electronic is growing rapidly.

Innovation in motion at electronic BSE

BSE Electronic R&D innovationProjects conducted by BSE Electronic demonstrate the strong ability of R & D department to support its customers on the road of innovation, key to commercial success.

For example, in the medical field, BSE Electronic works with various clients, from start-ups to large industrial groups and is strongly committed to support them effectively:

participation in European projects, eg FallWatch program, which has mobilized FEDER funds in 2009 and 2012

ISO 13485 certification, the international standard for medical device manufacturers

• Obtaining, for a period of three years, the approval for French Research Tax Credit

The approach is the same in other areas where BSE Electronic takes part, whether industry, telecommunications, M2M, energy etc.

Excellence through the methodology

BSE-Electronic-industrialisation-et-methodesOn a daily basis our R&D department works closely with client teams, respecting a proven methodology:

• Analyze customer needs

• Write or validate functional specifications

• Write product definition file (BOM, test plan, quality plan …)

• Implement electronic schematics integrating customers cost constraints, space, EMC, sourcing and supply etc.

• Specify manufacturing operations

A project manager is appointed to follow the project from the very start and support the customer from design or validation of the study up to post-production.

A team, built around the project manager, ensures the optimal development of the project. This team includes: the design engineer, the quality engineer and the sales manager. The purchasing manager intervenes upstream to optimize the sourcing, and to secure supplies.

Focus on BSE Electronic specific skills

Beyond traditional skills that are commonly encountered in the profession, BSE Electronic has developed expertise to meet the specific needs of embedded systems, low power consumption and platforms knowledge.

The following points illustrate some of these skills:

• Development based on ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers and ARM Cortex-A microprocessors

• Development of Board Support Package (BSP) embedded Linux, Windows CE 6/7 and other RTOS

• Ultra Low Power (very low consumption) based technologies

• Radio: hardware and software, open or proprietary protocols

• Integration of screens and touchscreens of the latest generation

• Design of dedicated electronic boards, associated with ARM Cortex CPU, Intel Atom or other standards