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Building Success Together

Supply chain, a key differentiating factor

BSE Electronic is committed to achieving excellence in Supply Chain.

BSE Electronic works closely with its clients to synchronize its own elements of Supply Chain with the needs of its customers.

BSE Electronic supply chain includes:


• Sourcing and purchasing of components

• Planning material stocks

• Production Planning

• Packaging

• Finished product storage and delivery

• After-Sales Service


Planning, the cornerstone of customer relationship

Before production starts, planning of all operations is defined with the customer. The objective is to maximize the level of service. Other key indicators include:

• firm planning horizon

• Target Service Rate

• Safety stocks

• Flexibility warranty

• …

Sourcing & Purchasing, two critical points

Control of sourcing and procurement are two key elements of the supply chain of a company. Competitiveness is often played on these issues, both in cost control and by controlling supplies and time.

Bse electronic HorlogeTo meet clients strategic needs, BSE organization include:

Dedicated sourcing and procurement departments

Project methodology that integrates the purchasing department at an early s, acting as a consultant in order to anticipate demand

Forecasts management for obsolescence and end of life

Partnership programs with our key suppliers

Our quality standard applies to our suppliers and selection criteria require that they be certified as well as Electronic BSE is. In this context, we conduct regular quality audits with our strategic suppliers.

Production Management

bse-electronic-societe-excellenceBSE Electronic strives to ensure:

Traceability of operations to continuously improve the overall product quality

Constant pursuit of economic performance of the global process

Maximum flexibility for the most suitable possible response to customer needs


More details are available on “BSE Electronic Production” page


Packaging, Storage & Delivery

BSE-Electronic-expeditionsBSE Electronic provides a complete range of services, including:

Packaging of finished products

Storage of finished products

Receiving and processing orders from end customers

Shipping worldwide

After-sales service

In some configurations, BSE Electronic provides after-sales on behalf of its customers:

• Management of warranty returns

• For non-warranty repairs: quote, repair and shipping to customer agreement

• operations  traceability