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Building Success Together

Building SuccessTogether
Building Success

BSE Electronic is an electronic manufacturing services company.
What BSE Electronic creates is value.
For our clients, we reduce time-to-market and we improve their competitive positioning.

Building Success Together

A complete range of services including design, prototyping, industrialization, manufacturing, testing, integration and logistic services

Excellenceas a fondamental
as a fondamental

100% of our clients confirm their trust in BSE Electronic for next year

Source : Satisfaction survey, 2013

A principle : Excellence

BSE Electronic is located at the heart of Europe, in a region animated by a strong industrial tradition , with highly skilled and strongly committed people

Innovationas our engine
as our engine

BSE Electronic values innovation as a major key success factor.
BSE Electronic participates, with their clients,
to major European Research Projects.

A passion for innovation

Innovation is at the heart of concerns of our clients. Our engineers are at the heart of innovation

BSE ElectronicHealthcare & Instrumentation
BSE Electronic
Healthcare & Instrumentation

BSE Electronic had been certified ISO 9001 since 2003.
In 2012, BSE Electronic achieved ISO 13 485 certification, dedicated to healthcare devices

BSE Electronic achieved ISO 13485 certification

This international standard is dedicated for Healthcare and Instrumentation devices

Flexible production toolto answer your needs
Flexible production tool
to answer your needs

BSE Electronic ensures the highest level of technology for its production means.
Capacity - Flexibility - Reactivity - Customized productions.


Best of breed, agile production means
High flexibility