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An Expert in Electronic Boards and Equipment

At the Heart of a Leading Industry

BSE Electronic is located in the heart of Burgundy, a top industrial region in France and a world leader in industry and metallurgy.

Since 1987, our company has been a major player in designing and manufacturing electronic boards and systems. In 2023, BSE achieved a turnover of over 16 million euros.

As an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) provider, we offer complete solutions to meet our clients’ performance needs for electronic and connected products, including medical devices, IoT products, telecommunications equipment, and security systems, among others.

From Design to supply chain

BSE Electronic is positioned as an expert in designing and producing electronic boards and equipment, with a strong commitment to two values: Innovation and Excellence.

We operate in demanding sectors such as medical, energy, industry, security, and telecommunications, providing complete solutions encompassing design, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

These multidisciplinary skills are key differentiators for our company, committed to achieving excellence. We meet our clients’ needs and any new consultation to the highest standards.

We achieve these goals thanks to our numerous expertise dedicated to the performance of your electronic projects.

Building Success Together


Besides technical skills, the company strives to maintain solid partnerships with its clients.

Continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies and developing products that meet the specific requirements of each targeted market ensure the sustainability of our support.

Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (specific to medical), BSE Electronic emphasizes controlling the quality, reliability, and traceability of its products.

Towards continuous improvement of our skills

Our company has built a solid reputation by offering state-of-the-art EMS services to a diverse clientele. We take pride in our heritage and commitment to excellence in electronics.

The Importance of People

BSE Electronic is primarily a team of about one hundred committed men and women.

Regarding careers and development, BSE Electronic offers exciting, challenging, and rewarding opportunities for employees seeking professional and personal growth. The company values learning, experimentation, and professional growth for its employees. BSE emphasizes the importance of human capital and encourages shared success by offering a distinctive work environment and fostering a culture of innovation and personal fulfillment.

Our Philosophy

“Over thirty years of innovations and production to support our clients towards their success.
Over thirty years of R&D and investments to offer turnkey solutions ensuring the required Time to Market for new business.
Over thirty years of renewed trust and new opportunities won, reinforcing BSE Electronic’s DNA.”

President of BSE Electronic

Our Governance

From left to right:
Franck Misiak (Production Manager)
Sandrine Lonak (Director of Sales and Marketing)
Marc Balussaud (President)
Vincent Prost (Chief Financial Officer)
Abdelhamid Belkacem (Director of Industrial Operations)