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BSE Electronic,
a Committed Company

Since its creation in 1987, Bourgogne Services Electronique (BSE) has stood as a symbol of French industrial excellence, an ongoing commitment deeply intertwined with the company’s history and mission.

What truly sets BSE apart is its historic commitment to “Made in French”. In 2019, by proudly joining “La French Fab,” BSE became part of an emblematic movement celebrating excellence, innovation, and collaboration within the French industry.

This affiliation goes beyond mere membership; it embodies a deliberate choice to promote and defend the intrinsic values of French manufacturing.

Certified ROHS, limiting the use of hazardous substances, and avoiding the use of CMR products, BSE ensures adherence to the strictest standards to guarantee high-quality and safe products while preserving the environment.

In line with this commitment, the company recycles its waste, thereby contributing to a circular and sustainable economy.

Beyond certifications, BSE places “Made in France” at the heart of its operations. This means daily collaboration with French partners, maintaining dialogue with the local community, and striving to provide comprehensive solutions, from design to delivery, proudly carrying the banner of “Made in French.”

BSE Electronic embodies the pride and excellence of French manufacturing,
not merely as a slogan but as a daily reality.
The company continues to blaze a trail as a pioneer of “Made in France,”
celebrating a legacy that grows richer over the years and remains central to its identity.

Roland LESCURE, Minister of Industry and Energy, Marc BALUSSAUD and Sandrine LONAK

The attainment of the French Fab Label has given BSE a standard-bearer, the Blue Rooster, a symbol promoting the French industry. It represents not only the know-how and capability to innovate and produce domestically but also the pride of the men and women who contribute daily to this growth.

This Blue Rooster unites BSE with a powerful ecosystem where collaborative synergy offers the possibility to conquer markets collectively. Mutual recommendation within this ecosystem enhances overall competitiveness, fostering a form of protectionism and contributing to French reindustrialization.

The values of Industry are embedded in BSE’s DNA, and as an Ambassador of the French Fab in Saône-et-Loire, the company is committed to motivating students to join this sector. This involves meeting them, explaining career opportunities and required skills, and unveiling a modern, innovative, robotic, and promising industry.

Promoting female presence in the industry is also a goal, aiming to overcome stereotypes and showcase the appeal of industrial roles for everyone.

The Ambassadors of La French Fab