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From Industrialization to Optimization


We follow a meticulous and structured industrialization process, shaping electronic products with precision, meeting your requirements.

Industrialization is the result of our teams’ unwavering commitment and is a crucial step in the industrial process for any new product entrusted for production start-up.

  • Verification of the completeness of the client’s technical data
  • Management of technical data and creation of industrial programs
  • Manufacturing planning
  • Material procurement
  • Tooling manufacturing
  • Initial samples
  • Audit presentation with the client for validation
  • Manufacturing process and product audit
  • Series assembly

Initial Samples

They follow the POC / Prototype phase to validate, through an audit presented to the client, the adapted industrial process and the functionality of the producible product in industrial mode. Validating them ensures a secure and optimized series production transition.

Initial samples are essential to: